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If the Disney + premiere of Doctor Strange 2 had been strictly adapted to the 60-day window we would have put ourselves around July 6, assuming, of course that there is such a window. A leak hinted back in late May that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would premiere on Disney+ on June 22, 2022. Although the ‘official’ source was Disney +’s Instagram account in Germany, the image circulating on social media could very well have been a fake. Although it did fit with the initial 45-day window…. The Marvel movie has been in the Disney Plus catalog since June 22.

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Early in his career, Marc fought crime on the streets with the help of a network of informants, including his best friend “Frenchie” Duchamp, homeless man Bertrand Crawley, and Gena’s Diner owner Gena Landers. Since the early days, Marc has worked mostly solo, but has also been a member of a few superhero teams, such as the West Coast Avengers, the Secret Avengers, and the Heroes for Hire.

Recently, Marc discovered that he had a daughter named Diatrice with his longtime lover Marlene Alraune, but when Khonshu sensed Mephisto’s plans for world domination, Marc abandoned her to fight alongside his god and prevent it from becoming a reality. However, when Khonshu succumbed to madness, Marc had to turn against him and help the Avengers defeat him.After Khonshu’s imprisonment, Spector created the Midnight Mission to offer his help to any denizen of the night who needed it.

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Doctor Extraño en el Multiverso de la Locura es una película estadounidense de 2022 de superhéroes basada en Marvel Comics protagonizada por el personaje Doctor Extraño. Producida por Marvel Studios y distribuida por Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, es la secuela de Doctor Strange (2016) y la 28ª película del Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). La película fue dirigida por Sam Raimi, escrita por Michael Waldron y protagonizada por Benedict Cumberbatch como Stephen Strange, junto a Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, Michael Stuhlbarg y Rachel McAdams. En la película, Strange protege a América Chávez (Gómez), una adolescente capaz de viajar por el multiverso, de Wanda Maximoff (Olsen).

Doctor Strange en el Multiverso de la Locura se estrenó en el Dolby Theatre de Hollywood el 2 de mayo de 2022 y se estrenó en Estados Unidos el 6 de mayo, como parte de la Fase Cuatro del MCU. La película recibió elogios por la dirección de Raimi, los efectos visuales y la actuación de Olsen, mientras que las críticas se dirigieron principalmente a la trama. La película ha recaudado más de 954 millones de dólares en todo el mundo, lo que la convierte en la tercera película más taquillera de 2022.

The UCM’s first bad guy met his end when he was fried by a blast from Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor while in his Iron Monger armor. Stane proceeded to fall into the reactor, which exploded into flames.

The leader of the Ten Rings terrorist group that kidnapped Tony Stark in Afghanistan, Raza was betrayed by Obadiah Stane, who paralyzed him with a Sonic Taser before his henchmen murdered Raza and his men.

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“Your death comes from the hand of Laufey,” he boasted. Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim and Loki’s biological father, was ready to kill his old enemy, Odin, when Loki shot him in the back. While Laufey was wounded, Loki replied with “and your death comes for Odin’s son.” The god of mischief shot his biological father (who had abandoned him as an infant) with the magical weapon Gungnir shattering him to pieces.

Killed by Hydra agent Heinz Kruger moments after successfully administering the Super Soldier formula to Steve Rogers, the kindly Dr. Erskine died gesturing to Steve’s heart, reminding him to remain, as he had previously requested, a good man.

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