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But not just anything! Although they will accept anything you give them (except garbage, we have checked), if you really want to fill that invisible friendship meter, you have to give them furniture worth more than 10,000 berries.

If you need some more help with Animal Crossing New Horizons you can also take a look at other guides we have prepared, such as how to get and what Fran’s suitcase is for (from the May 1st breakout event), how to catch the new April bugs, how to hunt white sharks, the guide to hunt all the bugs, how to know which paintings are authentic and which are fakes, the complete list of all the songs you can request from Totakeke, the guide to the bushes: How to get them and in which month they grow, how to get a 5-star island: development points and scenery,

If you have updated your game to “Welcome amiibo” you will now be able to use your Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards in your Animal Crossing: New Leaf game. Below is a list of compatible amiibo and a summary of their function.

If you scan the Villager amiibo, Buh will appear in the motorhome area throughout the day (as with all other amiibo figures) with items exclusive to that character (like the gold statue for example). One of the items he has is the Wii U (with the “Desert Island Escape” game built in).

– You can invite these special characters to visit the motorhome area. They can also be used with the Desert Island Getaway, Animal Crossing – Puzzle League and the amiibo camera. They all have some console with game you can get (some like the Captain have both).

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You can invite animals to visit your village or receive a daily item. If the animal comes to your village you can ask it to stay and live. These characters can also be used with the “Desert Island Escape” game and the amiibo camera. You can receive a daily item if you use the amiibo card of a special character such as Cinnamon or Tom Nook.

Although it seems that we start talking now, and only now, about New Horizons, the version of the series that comes out these days for Nintendo Switch, we’ve really been talking about it since the very beginning. Everything is as applicable to Wild World as it was to New Leaf or New Horizons. The story is pretty much the same: we have a mortgage to pay. It’s a really bad mortgage and it grows as you reach stability: the status quo is to want more at all times. It doesn’t matter if you go to your village by train or travel to your island by plane. The idea is exactly the same.

One of the novel details of this game is that powerful crafting tools have been included. In other words, here we take raw materials that we can turn into improved tools, furniture and all sorts of different things. At the beginning you have basic tools and, little by little, day by day, we get new tools or get new “recipes” with other items. To get them you can prick balloons with slingshots, take bottles with messages on the beach, talk to neighbors … Again, day by day and little by little. But it is clear that Animal Crossing, besides bringing its own ideas, also knows how to take well those of others, integrating these minecraftian options to its world.

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I wouldn’t want to spend too much time trying to find a possible definition for Animal Crossing because this is a game that is defined simply by describing it. To digress any further would be to tread into the swampy realm of sentimental mumbo jumbo, and this isn’t exactly one of those games with a grand finale – in fact, it doesn’t even have an ending.

There is still that carefree routine in which our day-to-day life consists almost exclusively of picking fruit, planting trees, fishing, hunting butterflies, looking for shells on the beach and digging up fossils; the conversations with our neighbors to help them or simply to chat with them; the visits to the Museum and the shopping area; the concern for the town, for everything to be fixed and, obviously, our house, which we can customize with everything we get by performing the actions I just explained.

In essence, Animal Crossing is a quiet game, and this is something that is underlined by the use of the internal clock of the console, which makes the game time run in parallel with the real time; but if I tell you the truth, my experience in these first weeks has not exactly been a peaceful walk among the flowers. Basically, I have not stopped, and although I would not say that we are facing a frantic and stressful game, it is true that under its childish appearance and the mundane tasks that it proposes us to carry out, hide a series of very basic mechanisms, but that can reach unexpected levels of complexity. Indeed, I am referring to large-scale fruit speculation.

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