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Jurassic world evolution

What exactly is Jurassic World Evolution? For those who do not know it, it is a simulator, an amusement park management game but also with a surprising scientific touch. It’s not just about amusing the staff, for that they should go to Isla Magica. Here we will even send expeditions to places where there are fossils to extract genetic data and be able to recreate dinosaurs. But first we have to provide them with a suitable habitat. Our facilities require an outlay and a study of the terrain, and we are going to do this with… beware, here comes another issue that we have to tell you in depth: do not think that the adaptation to Switch brings with it what we would expect… the use of the touch screen. No, not at all. The adaptation has the same control system as on consoles: scrolling the terrain with the joysticks. And this is something that gives us quite a lot of anger. Switch could have given more play in this field, especially when there are sections that are somewhat outdated compared to other versions (not all, of course).

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Mi afición por los juegos de simulación comenzó con Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection, en el que me avergüenza decir que mi truco favorito era alimentar a los dinosaurios con huéspedes infelices. (Perdóname, era joven.) Para Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition, decidí ser un buen gestor de parques y jugar con las reglas. Esta edición para Switch del título de 2018 incluye tres expansiones, y aunque está claro que ha habido sacrificios para que esta experiencia funcione en esta consola, al final compensa.

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El modo Sandbox puede ser tentador nada más empezar, pero no podemos participar hasta hacer la campaña. Los diálogos con voz guían a los nuevos jugadores a través de los conceptos básicos de la gestión del parque: enviar equipos a expediciones para recoger fósiles, extraer ADN para nuevos dinosaurios, aplicar genes a esos dinosaurios e incubarlos en recintos para el disfrute del público. Por su naturaleza, esta operación requiere un equilibrio entre ciencia, seguridad y entretenimiento. Estas son las tres “facciones” con las que te enfrentarás a lo largo de la campaña. Ganar dinero con los visitantes y los hallazgos de las expediciones no es suficiente: tendrás que completar los contratos de estos tres departamentos que compiten entre sí para mantener tu parque de dinosaurios a flote, y esto no es un trabajo fácil cuando tienen pedidos grandes y costosos.

Nintendo Switch is the console where everyone wants to be… but not everyone knows how to get there. Sadly, it is very common to find adaptations of multiplatform games for Nintendo Switch that arrive late (almost always) and in many cases, badly: very cut graphics, and what is worse, insufficient performance, frame drops, bugs, missing modes… The Outer Worlds was one of the clearest examples, which was subsequently fixed with patches (as recent as October 21).

Jurassic World Evolution is not exactly a light game, and already on the other consoles it presented very spectacular graphics. Frontier did a great job with RCT 3 on Switch, but this game was much more ambitious. Fortunately, they’ve nailed the port, with a version that keeps all the content intact, with obvious cuts in resolution, but it…. works.

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Something as simple as a game working, not crashing, not slowing down with constant frame drops and exaggerated loading times, should be something taken for granted, not even mentioned in a review. But with Switch we’re on alert, and after many cases we can’t afford to take that sort of thing for granted. Fortunately, with Jurassic World Evolution we can breathe easy.

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