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However, for many it will be their favorite discipline, especially for those who have internalized basic (but not as common as it might seem) actions such as moving a character through a three-dimensional space.

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Nota: En el momento de la publicación original, la funcionalidad online aún no estaba disponible para Nintendo Switch Sports. Como es una parte tan crucial del juego, decidimos no puntuar este análisis hasta que pudiéramos probar la experiencia online completa. Una vez hecho esto, aquí está nuestra revisión completa actualizada (y puntuada).

Vayamos al grano: no hay un séptimo juego secreto (aunque el de golf llegará pronto), están los seis juegos que están disponibles al principio, y en lo que respecta al juego local, ese es su lote. Mientras que Wii Sports tenía los modos de entrenamiento que te mostraban cómo jugar a cada deporte a través de una variedad de mini desafíos, Nintendo Switch Sports solo tiene un breve (y saltable) tutorial interactivo que se reproduce cuando seleccionas un deporte, pero solo para Chambara, Fútbol y Voleibol. Si no sabes cómo realizar un tiro específico en el tenis, no tienes suerte.

Teniendo en cuenta que Wii Sports contaba con los mencionados modos de entrenamiento para cada deporte, esto es bastante decepcionante. No se puede negar que los deportes son sencillos de aprender y jugar, pero esto depende de que estés familiarizado con el deporte que representa desde el principio. Tampoco encontrarás una gran variedad en la forma de jugar a cada deporte. Algunos tienen opciones y diferentes formas de jugar que detallaremos más adelante, pero muchos sólo tienen una simple selección de tres dificultades cuando se juega contra una CPU.

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Nintendo wanted to recall the spirit of Wii with Nintendo Switch Sports, a new game in the Wii Sports series that promises to make the most of the motion sensor of the Joy Con. Six sports are the first protagonists in a game that is designed to play with friends in the same room, but also exploits the online mode of Nintendo Switch Online. We tell you what we thought of Nintendo Switch Sports in our analysis.

Precisely personality we wanted to talk to you with one of the biggest changes in the history of the franchise: the Mii, traditional Nintendo avatars since the time of Wii, have been replaced by more anthropomorphic models that remind us of the villagers of Animal Crossing. The change is not bad in our opinion, but we believe that if Nintendo really wants to make the leap in their avatars, it should be done in a more global way, and even take more inspiration from the Mii themselves.

Despite their move to the background, Mii’s are not disappearing entirely from Nintendo Switch Sports. It will be possible to select previously created avatar faces in the console’s settings, but they are clearly not being bet on in the game.

The game is oriented towards online multiplayer and takes place in a world inhabited by humanoid creatures, the Inkling, capable of transforming into squids and shooting ink. Users form teams of four and must fight together to defeat their rivals on the stage. Compared to the first installment, it includes new features such as a revamped solo mode, changes to the gameplay system, a larger arsenal and new combat styles.[6] On June 13, 2018, a downloadable content expansion, Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion, was released, which expands the single player mode with a new story from the point of view of another cephalopod species, the Octoling.[7]

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This installment maintains the single player mode – Story Mode – which allows you to familiarize yourself with the eight main weapon categories.[26] The first time you face a stage you will have to overcome it with a specific armament delivered by Jairo, but then you can replay it with the rest of the weapons you may have unlocked. [27] Splatoon 2’s Story Mode includes twenty-seven levels and five final bosses,[28] while Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion expands the storyline with a new single player mode of eighty stages at higher difficulty.[29] Hidden “scrolls” in each of the levels detail the story’s plot in greater depth.[30] The “scrolls” hidden in each of the levels detail the storyline in greater depth.[30

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